My professional experience includes therapy with adults, couples, adolescents, children and companies (for more general work-related problems).

We all generally have times in our lives when we feel frustration and confusion. But I have learned in my more than twenty years of experience in various countries that “expats”–those who have left their native countries to live and work in another country– are often subject to additional and particular life stresses and challenges. Leaving behind a familiar culture, language and social situation can in itself give feelings of loss and isolation which are difficult to deal with. In addition, the necessity to adapt to a new culture, language, social situation and work environment can often result in extra stress for the individual as well as extra challenges for the couple, children and colleagues at work. Over the years I have had extensive and specialized experience in helping to deal with such stresses and challenges and have refined methods to deliver effective help with a minimum of treatment and cost.

You may feel the need to talk with a professional about how to improve the quality of your life. We can review together your concerns, what might be interfering with progress towards your goals and determine how to take effective steps to advance (see methods).

Possible Reasons for Therapy

You might feel that you are either stuck or moving too fast, not living your life to its full potential.

Or you may be experiencing one or more of the following problems: sadness, depression, work-related problems, burn-out, tension and anxiety, recurrent disruptive thoughts, sleeping problems, eating problems, insecurity, identity questions, relationship and family problems, educational problems, social difficulties.