Dorine van der Schaar, GZ-Psycholoog BIG geregistreerd, Coach en Trainer en gediplomeerd Coach-Expert

If you want to work on the quality of your life, and learn to deal effectively with your problems with the help of an experienced psychologist in your own language, you are at the right place.  I have no waiting list at the moment

My name is Dorine van der Schaar. I am an experienced certified psychologist. My practice has two locations in the center of Amsterdam.  I am fluent in Dutch, English, French, Spanish and Catalan. I have lived in several countries for many years.

Experienced & Professional

For more than twenty years I have worked with pleasure and dedication as a psychologist. I was educated at Amsterdam University. I have worked together with a variety of clients of different nationalities and backgrounds who have come to me for a variety of different concerns and issues. I only use psychological methods which have been proved effective scientifically and which have had positive results in my practice:    Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT); Mindfulness; Solution-focussed Psychotherapy; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) ; and Eye Movement Desentisization Reprocessing (EMDR).(zie methods)


I have lived for many years in different countries starting from
childhood (Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, Central America).
I have also worked as a psychologist in several of these countries, and therapy can be done in Dutch, English, French, Spanish and Catalan. People from different cultural and social backgrounds in different  parts of the world have given me a broad experience and an open mind, respectful of all differences. Clients report feeling at ease while working with me for my no nonsense and personal approach.


Usually an appointment with me can be made within one or two weeks. There is no waiting list at the moment. Treatment is solution- and goal-oriented and usually takes around 10 sessions. We focus mostly on the present and the future.  Usually clients report improvements in various areas in their lives during and after treatment. Feel free to give me a call or send me an email. If I don’t answer right away I will respond to your cal or message within 24 hours (tel:  (31) 0638061058; email: